For beginners


Registration of a personal account

1. Click - in the top right corner of the screen

2. To register an account you must fill in 6 required fields

3. Add payment processor that you want add, addition of all payment processor is not compulsory.

read the terms of service and tick mark the checkbox button

and press the button

4.We do not ask you to send documents or share your real name. Our cooperation is fully anonymous. If you need to register another account, feel free to do.
If all filled details are correct then your account will be activated instantly.

Make deposit

1. To make a deposit you have to log into your personal account.

2. Click on "MAKE DEPOSIT" button from your account section.

3. Select the payment system by which you would like to replenish the balance

4. Enter the amount of deposit

and click

5. You will see deposit confirmation page, if you are using PM or Payeer then your deposit will be credited instantly and for those who are using crypto-currency have to send exact amount from their personal wallet and all crypto-deposit will be credited after 3 confirmation.

Attention! In order for successful replenishment of the balance by any of the CRYPTO CURRENCIES you need to send the exact amount indicated by you to the provided wallet within an hour.

Attention! Minimum deposit amount is $10.


Every active user of Cryptade earns profit at every hours. The funds you earn are accrued to the BALANCE of your free funds and are available for withdrawal at any time.

Select the desired payment processor for withdrawal and specify the amount of withdrawal

and press the "Request" button

Carefully check the correctness of its input and click the WITHDRAW FUNDS button.

ATTENTION! Always check your withdrawal address and then make withdraw request.


Each user is assigned a personal referral link which is located on the referrals page in your account section

With the help of your referral link you can invite new users to and get a percentage of the amount spent by partners to your account directly. The enrollment of the partner bonus is made as a percentage of the balance of available funds in the currency that the partners used while making deposit has 5 tier referral bonus
4% - from the first level referrals
3% - referrals from the second level
2% - from referrals of the third level
1% - referrals from the fourth level
1% - from referrals of the fifth level

ATTENTION! Promo materials or rather corporate banners of also are your referral link. You can find advertising banners by clicking the button

Security Features

Cryptade has 3 security featues namely Detect IP Address Change, Detect browser change and Two Factor Authentication by Google Authenticator Application.

1. To enable Detect IP Address Change click here as per your choice
Click on save button
This feature will work when your ip address changes and code will be sent to your registered mail id and you have to paste that code while login.

2. To enable Detect browser change click here as per your choice
Click on save button
This feature will work when your browser is changed and code will be sent to your registered mail id and you have to paste that code while login.

3. To enable Two Factor Authentication, first download Google Authenticator application on your mobile
Scan the code from your mobile device.

Now you will see the 6 digit code on your mobile device
Enter that code here and simply click on Enable button

After completing all steps your Two Factor Authentication is activated.
Once Two Factor Authentication is activated you will see this type security and edit as per your choice